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Terms & Conditions

General Terms and Conditions
            of RMK nurflug.de GmbH

             1. Legal Position of RMK nurflug.de GmbH
            RMK nurflug.de GmbH maintains a travel agency business  dealing with, amongst other things, the brokering of all-inclusive  travel contracts (e.g. flight plus bed and board), transport contracts  (e.g. scheduled and charter flights), accommodation contracts (e.g.  hotels), rental contracts (e.g. rental vehicles) and insurance contracts  (e.g. travel cancellation insurance) between the customer on the one  hand and the organiser on the other.             

             2. Conclusion of the Contract
            The description and pricing of a corresponding service on  one of the Internet sites used by RMK nurflug.de GmbH (e.g. www.reisen.com / www.nurflug.de) (airasia.de /easyflugreisen.de) are non-binding and, in terms of the law, represent an invitation to  tender an offer or travel booking application. This offer or travel  booking application emanates from the customer/booking applicant and can  be issued in any form (written/by e-mail/verbally/by telephone/by  fax/via the Internet). A booking applicant acts in this for all  travellers listed in the booking application and is responsible for  their contractual obligations as well as his own obligations, provided  he has expressly and separately issued a declaration to this effect. The  customer/booking applicant receives e-mail confirmation of the offer or  booking application having been received via the Internet with a  booking code/transaction number.             

            RMK nurflug.de GmbH reserves the right to accept the offer.  The declaration of acceptance may also be in any form or through  conclusive action (e.g. debiting the credit card specified by the  customer). If a contract is concluded, RMK nurflug.de GmbH issues  written booking confirmation to the customer by letter/fax/e-mail.             

            3. Content and Processing of the Contract
            The following apply in the sequence below:
            - written booking confirmation from RMK nurflug.de GmbH,
            - brochure/catalogue and general terms and conditions of the  organiser (e.g. fare/transport terms, the law (e.g. the Insurance  Contract Act (Versicherungsvertragsgesetz)).             

            4. Costs and Payment
            The organiser may directly invoice the customer for the  booked services, whereby the organiser’s terms of payment and delivery  shall apply, or the customer is invoiced by RMK nurflug.de GmbH on the  organiser’s behalf, whereby we reserve the right to specify the type of  payment and payment deadline (e.g. according to the airline’s fare  terms) and are not obliged to order the issuance of  tickets/vouchers/policies before the invoice amount has been paid in  full; however, in the case of travel services as per Section 651 a) of  the German Civil Code (BGB), delayed payment is contingent on the  handing over of a guarantee certificate pursuant to Section 651 k) of  the German Civil Code (BGB).             

            If the timely dispatch of the travel documents by post  cannot be ensured due to last-minute (re-)bookings/last-minute changes  on the part of the traveller, the documents must be sent by courier or  left at the airport following consultation with the traveller.             

            5. Customer Cooperation
            Online bookings received workdays before 6 p.m. are  processed by RMK nurflug.de GmbH on the same day. Bookings received  later than this or on Sundays or bank holidays are processed on the next  working day. The customer must ensure that he can be reached at the  relevant times at the telephone number specified by him.             

            The customer must check his travel documents on receipt of them to make sure that they are correct and complete.             

            In the case of international flights:
            - We urgently recommend checking the updated time of  departure ahead of schedule (particularly in the case of bookings made  well in advance).
            - We would like to expressly point out that most airlines  require passengers to confirm their return flight 72 hours ahead of  schedule.             

            The customer is responsible for adhering to passport/visa/currency/customs/vaccination requirements.             

            6. Service and Price Changes
            Services changed post-contract shall replace the originally  owed service if the change is necessary, minor and is not effected in  bad faith by the organiser/RMK nurflug.de GmbH.             

            Only applicable to flights: The prices confirmed by RMK  nurflug.de GmbH are subject to the fare terms of the airlines, which  state that a ticket must be issued within a particular period; the  payment type and deadline specified by RMK nurflug.de GmbH shall conform  with these terms (see Point 4). If payment is not received in time,  this may mean that the service can no longer be provided at the quoted  price. In all other respects, the general terms and conditions of the  organiser shall apply.             

            7. Rebooking and Cancellation
            a. Rebooking before ticket issue
            If there is a rebooking before the tickets have been issued, RMK nurflug.de GmbH will not charge a processing fee.
            b. Cancellation before ticket issue
            If the customer cancels before the tickets have been issued  or RMK nurflug.de GmbH cancels before the tickets have been issued due  to delayed payment, RMK nurflug.de GmbH shall charge a processing fee of  €50 per person.
            c. Rebooking after ticket issue
            If there is a rebooking after the tickets have been issued,  RMK nurflug.de GmbH shall charge a processing fee of €65 per person plus  any fees accruing to the organiser.
            d. Cancellation after ticket issue
            If the customer cancels after the tickets have been issued,  RMK nurflug.de GmbH shall charge a processing fee of €75 per person plus  any fees accruing to the organiser.

             In all other respects, the general terms and conditions of  the organiser shall also apply here (e.g. fare terms of the airline in  which it may be specified in an individual case in respect of special  tariffs in particular that a ticket cannot be e.g. rebooked or  reimbursed once it has been issued). The conclusion of travel  cancellation insurance incl. additional premiums for services that are  not availed of is recommended.             

            8. Liability
            RMK nurflug.de GmbH shall be liable for damages that are not  personal injuries up to 3 times the travel price only, unless the  damage is as a result of gross negligence/intent.             

            RMK nurflug.de GmbH
            Vilbeler Landstrasse 203
            60388 Frankfurt

            Telephone : +49 (0) 6109 / 505400
            Fax : +49 (0) 6109 / 507 75 20

             Managing Director:
            Rita Maria Klenz

              Commercial Register Number:
            HRB 93291
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